Survey Services


Our People

Our Registered Professional Land Surveyors (RPLS) offer extensive land, civil and residential survey knowledge and a commitment to quality. They are well-versed and educated in the multiple right of way databases, current GIS project management systems across the energy industry, proper residential and commercial boundary services, telecommunication management, engineering support and more. Our RPLS have the capabilities to implement customizable systems to meet any specific project needs. This enables us to work with and manage the systems our clients prefer — all done with ease.


Our teams are passionate and focused on completing projects with precision, on-time, within budget, and securely aligned with regulatory mandates. We take safety seriously. Our teams embrace our belief in doing the right thing upfront — and deliver on our promise of operational excellence. This dedication to Service, Integrity and Experience ultimately results in cost savings and project schedule adherence for our clients.


Accuracy is critical in this data-driven business. With technology being an ever-evolving industry, we make it a priority that our teams are up to speed on existing and upcoming industry tech.


Our clients trust our quality of work. We have cultivated long-lasting partnerships across the country through the successful completion of various capital projects, including engineering, environmental, routing and public/governmental relations.


This includes vast experience dealing within the various shale plays throughout the U.S., including the Haynesville Marcellus, Utica, Bakken, Barnett, Eagle Ford, Niobrara and Permian, making us an authority in the industry and allowing us to provide our clients with a high level of understanding, capability and knowledge in a number of areas. 

Civil & Residential Surveys

We understand what it takes to deliver precision and speed for our clients. Our years of experience and proven results working within multiple disciplines have helped develop our reputation — one we value greatly — our land, civil, and residential survey operations uphold our promise of Service, Integrity and Experience. 


As a trusted authority, we pride ourselves on delivering excellence on-time. We have a 99% success rate for completing residential and commercial surveys within 5-10 days — weather permitting — and are committed to upholding this standard. While our survey services currently span the greater Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio areas, as well as Oklahoma City and its surrounding cities, we are steadily growing — and so is our service area. Contact us for additional information about where and how we can serve you.


We provide management, survey, site acquisition, and engineering services to many wireless providers. Our professional surveyors and staff are licensed to perform surveys in 14 states and growing. We offer underground utility location, jurisdiction requirement research, survey drawing date collection, FAA certification letters, ALTA surveys and more.


In addition, we are licensed to provide design and engineering services in 21 states and counting. Our expert staff of drafters deliver thorough and accurate structural analysis review, foundation design, as well as construction drawings with excellence and professionalism.


Our extensive experience and resources allow us to provide site acquisition and permit support for all of our clients. We can help with any lease, title, or other needs to fulfill site acquisition. Plus, our strong understanding of jurisdictional requirements and ability to meet those requirements with speed and efficiency is one of the many reasons our clients trust us to deliver on our promise of service with integrity and excellence. 

Our Services 

Pipeline/Boundary Survey:

Existing Facilities/Utilities

Certified Boundary

Electric Transmission and CorridorMapping

Unit Well Location and Layout

Detailed Center Line


Wind and Alternate Energy


Road, Railroad, River Crossing

Depth of Cover

Population Density

As-Built/Construction Survey:

Preconstruction Staking

Mainline Pipeline Construction/Record Survey

Fabrication Surveys

Material Close-Outs

Residential/Boundary Survey:


Home Builder


Developer Support

Subdivision/Land Development

Land Planning

Elevation Certificate


Plot Plan and Lot Fit



Pipeline Integrity:

Easement Integrity and Rectification Surveys

Above Ground Markers

Pig Runs and Pig Timings

Leak Detection

Anomaly Stakings and Dig Ups

Hydrotest Survey

Depth of Cover

Consulting Services:

Data Acquisition

Survey Project Management

Survey Inspection

Survey Auditing

Civil Engineering/Design Support:

Land Planning

Final Platting and Re-Platting

Conveyance Platting

Topographic and Tree

Easement and Exhibits

Construction and Lot Staking


ELOMA, LMA, LOMR Submittals

Right of Way

GPS/CORS Requirement

Additional Markets Served

Our teams are dedicated to providing operational excellence and to working with integrity while serving multiple energy markets — working toward our vision of revolutionizing the energy industry. 

Public Works

Our Survey operations provides regulatory, relocation, and class location surveys for government-financed and -constructed projects. Our survey experience includes bridges, roads, dams, railroads and other physical capital assets and facilities. 

Electrical Transmission Lines

We have delivered quality Survey services for several electrical transmission line projects around the U.S., including project pre-planning, preliminary route selection, corridor mapping and right of way support. 

Renewable Energy

We believe in creating a sustainable future for generations to come. Our dedication to helping build a more sustainable energy economy is reflected in our continuous effort to identify new opportunities to offer Survey services to companies that share our commitment to providing energy from renewable sources.