Land Services

Our People

We believe in doing the right thing — and we take great pride in our work and in our people. It’s why our clients trust Tablerock Land Services. We set the standard in full service solutions across the energy industry by delivering unmatched levels of service through experience and integrity.


We recognize that our people are an extension of Tablerock Energy Services, and they should represent everything we believe in. Our people understand whose name they represent, and they embrace our values, as well as meet our high expectations. That’s important to us.

Our Experience

We serve multiple energy industries throughout North America, focusing on oil and gas pipelines, electric transmission lines, public works and renewable energy projects. We specialize in all aspects of the midstream pipeline industry and have successfully completed projects ranging from small gathering lines to major multi-billion-dollar cross-country interstate transmission pipelines. This includes multiple Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) projects, state-regulated liquids, and product pipeline projects. 


Our vast experience dealing within the various shale plays throughout the U.S., including the Haynesville Marcellus, Utica, Bakken, Barnett, Eagle Ford and Niobrara, enables us to provide our clients with a high level of understanding, capability and knowledge in a number of areas. 

Our Promise

Our innovative and effective solutions address all aspects of right of way needs, and our commitment to doing the right thing upfront and offering operational excellence results in cost savings and schedule reductions. We have a proven track record for a reason. We pride ourselves on the promise of providing unmatched levels of service through experience and integrity. We are ready to serve your needs — and to deliver on that promise. 

Our Services 

Right of Entry

Title Research and Analysis


Complete Chain of Title

Surface and Mineral Ownership

Survey Permission

Line List Preparation

Data Management

Due Diligence

Route Selection

Conduct Public Meetings


Easement Document Preparation

Property Analysis

Appraisal Services

Right of Way Training



Relocation Assistance

Property Plats

Permanent/Temporary Easements/Workspace/Access Roads


Process Management

State and Federal

Expert Witness Testimony

Legal Negotiations

Eminent Domain


Right of Way Liaison

Pipe Yard/Ware Yard

Construction Restriction Lists

Damage Settlements

Clean Up Releases

Project Management

Relocation Assistance

Right of Way Training

Feasibility Studies

Project Planning

Data Management

Due Diligence

Operations and Integrity Support

Cost Estimates

Professional Development

Development of Project Processes/Procedures

Landowner/Shareholder Outreach/ Stakeholder Management

Additional Markets Served

Our commitment to doing the right thing applies across various markets because we are passionate about revolutionizing the energy industry.

Public Works

Our Land Services operations supports government-financed and -constructed projects for health and safety, recreation and employment purposes. Our experience includes bridges, roads, dams, railroads and other physical capital assets and facilities.

Electrical Transmission Lines

We have delivered quality Land Services for several electrical transmission line projects around the U.S., including project pre-planning, route selection, feasibility studies, public meetings, relocation assistance, acquisition, condemnation proceedings and construction right of way support.

Renewable Energy

We are dedicated to helping build a more sustainable energy economy. This is reflected in our ongoing endeavors to create new opportunities that offer right of way, engineering and construction services to companies that share our commitment to providing energy from renewable sources.